Monday, December 18, 2006

Cute Higley Cousins

Tristan, Andrew, Luke, Abby, Braelyn, Caitlin, Kurtis, Faith, Jimmy & Hope

Cute Boys...Kurt, Andrew & Luke
Kurtis, Jimmy & Andrew

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Who Is This Guy?

At our Ward Christmas party yesterday Santa came. At first Jimmy was intrigued by him and then he wanted nothing to do with him! His cousin, Braelyn reacted the same way. I love her little pouty face! Kids are just so cute!

I Love This Boy!

Recline 'N Dine

I now know why Jimmy's highchair is called a "recline 'n dine." After he fell asleep I just reclined the highchair and he took a nice nap. I think it's funny in a few of the pictures you can see him still reaching for more food while he's sleeping. I guess he was ready for bed at 5 pm!

I forgot to put pictures of the birthday cake!