Friday, July 23, 2010

Rainy Park Day

I have lots of pictures to sort through from Den Haag, Amsterdam, Haarlem, Belgium, etc. But until then, enjoy some we took today. I went to this cool park with Jimmy and his class right before school got out and I've been excited to take the kids ever since. Too bad the one day we decide to go it started raining. We had already packed our lunches and gathered up everything we needed before I glanced outside and noticed the awful dark sky. I almost gave up and stayed inside, then I thought, "Who cares. What's a little rain anyway!"

Jimmy was shaking his hips to the music...haha...wish I had a video of it! He's wearing a yellow Spongebob shirt under his Spiderman one...this kid's got style!
We had a whole half hour before we started to get really wet. We were there long enough to eat a sandwich, throw a little sand, and hurry back to the bike.
Mr Brown Eyes just sat on the bench and ate the whole time.
Miss Myra enjoyed the juice box leftovers.
It was our first bike ride in the rain. We had a good time even though it was very short. Maybe we'll go back again tomorrow!