Tuesday, July 28, 2009

You Ready?

You ready for the news? Well here are a few ultrasound shots...these always just amaze me...that we can peak in there and see a miracle growing. Truly amazing! I found myself grinning through the whole ultrasound. I feel incredibly blessed to be a part of such a miracle.

This is an excellent shot of the mouth and nose. We had an in-depth ultrasound lasting about 40 minutes since Jimmy was born with a cleft. This little one's mouth and nose look great (as does everything else)!
And here is the tiny foot that kicks me throughout the day. And I suppose you want to know the gender? We contemplated not finding out. It would be a really cool surprise to wait until the birth. But we just couldn't withstand when the tech has that wand right there and can so easily tell us. So we found out.
Het is een meisje! Did you not understand? Let me try again...
Het is niet een jongen. Still didn't get it? Guess you need to learn Dutch. :)
And last of all, a belly shot. This was taken on Sunday. I am somewhere between 21 and 23 weeks along. I know, confusing...I'll let you know if I ever get an actual due date!
Okay, here is a clue....something I made for the little one...

It's a GIRL! We are thrilled! I had lots of fun making this tiny dress. I made it from one of my shirts. Click here for the free pattern. It really is quite simple...if I can make it by hand (aka NO sewing machine) in ONE day then certainly any of you can make one too.

Monday, July 27, 2009

We Made It

Well, I'm sure most of you know this...or assumed, but we made it back to Holland safely. Amazingly the trip back went really well. I felt so proud to be my little boys' Mommy. They were such good kids. It was still extremely long and tiring and at times stressful, but we made it. Do you know how hard it is to fit 3 people in a tiny airplane bathroom? :)

I was even able to pull out my camera for a few quick shots on the way back. Here were a few of the favorite toys/activities I packed for the plane:

A "Magic" bug...excellent dollar store find.
The mini measuring tape distracted them for quite a while. They loved to measure things and tie things up with it.
This dollar store motorcycle was the coveted toy. Too bad I only bought one!

The small Play-doh container was lots of fun for all of us. I still love playing with Play-doh...I love the smell of it. Is that weird?

Daddy had this amazing surprise for the boys! He spent lots of time setting this up and also fixing the backyard so we now are growing grass instead of pokey weeds. In the square underneath the hut we are planning to put sand. For now the boys love digging in the dirt underneath. Maybe we'll just save money and keep the dirt!

Little bambino is growing. I had my ultrasound!!! I will scan the few pictures and then let you all know the results....hahaha....you have to wait! :)