Friday, June 25, 2010

First Bakfiets Ride

Jarom bought me a bakfiets for Mother's day. I got to ride it for the first time today. I love it!

My mom and little sister, Renae, came with us. It was a gorgeous ride and perfect day.

The steering takes a little getting used to but already I feel much more comfortable on it.
Stopping to feed a hungry babe. :)
The boys were ecstatic when we saw a park.
Myra slept in the shade while we played in the heat.

Sweet baby girl

We played a little ball.

...And then headed home. The kids loved it as much as I did. Jimmy said it was so comfy he wished he had his pillow so he could take a nap. And at one point Glade exclaimed, "I'm flying!" We're all looking forward to many more rides together.