Thursday, May 06, 2010

She's Here!

My sister, Shelley, arrived this morning! She is staying for 3 months and traveling all over Europe! I am so excited!!!

Shelley meeting little Myra for the first time. She's the first of any of our extended family to hold Myra.

On the metro ride home...Jimmy was such a chatterbox!

Glade, on the other hand, was very quiet and shy. Shelley gave him fruit snacks and he held the bag for ten minutes before finally taking one out carefully, sniffing it, licking it, and finally eating it!

The boys put her to work digging holes. I'm sure that was on her top list of things she wanted to do in Rotterdam!

We're SO excited to have her here! She's sleeping on my couch right cool is that?! :)

Saturday, May 01, 2010


I chatted with the fam on the webcam. It's good to see them and chat with them but it honestly makes me depressed after. It makes me homesick and sick about all the things I'm missing out on.

Kara (Jarom's sister) just got married and we missed her wedding. Lara (my sister) has her senior prom tonight...can't believe she's graduating in a few weeks.

Jimmy cried when we got off the webcam because he missed everyone and wanted to see them now. That just breaks my heart more than anything. All that my sweet kids are missing out on. All the little things like birthday parties, family dinners...

Sure we are having wonderful experiences here, but missing experiences there. What did we start? Because you know as soon as we move back I will yearn for the people and experiences we've had here. I already think about it and I don't even know when we'll leave.

It's just all so bitter-sweet.

It's like I now have two homes that I love. Two countries filled with people I love. And I obviously can't have them both at the same time. It makes me feel so torn.