Friday, July 20, 2007


Well I think it's about time for another post! I've had this saved as a draft for quite some time (our trip to Florida was back in July) but I've had problems connecting with Blogger. We'll give it another try.

We went to Florida for 8 days with almost all of Jarom's family. We had lots of fun but I did feel like I needed another vacation when we got home. Being at the parks and out in the heat, humidity and rain all day can be tiring. It was so much fun to watch Jimmy. His favorite show was the dog/cat/duck show at Sea World. He sat on his Grandma's lap and pointed out all the animals, cheered and clapped. He quacked like a duck when the ducks came out and was laughing throughout the whole show. His favorite ride was the carousel, which we couldn't even tell he was enjoying while on it. However, when we went to take him off he threw a huge fit and clung to the pole and screamed. We thought it was quite funny...we didn't even know he was liking it! He also loved looking at all the fish at Disney World. He'd get right up next to the glass and point them all out and get all excited and then cry each time we had to leave to look at different fish. Although he was a lot better on the plane rides than I thought he would be, I still would not look forward to another flight with a toddler. It's not at all relaxing to say the least!

Plane rides are so much fun with toddlers!

The Carousel...
...and the aftermath of the Carousel. If you can't tell, he really liked it! No really, he did!
Looking at the fish
Ooh, more fish!
It was so hot and humid. Jimmy constantly had sweat on his little nose and head. I didn't think little kids could sweat so much.
Boy did he love the rain. We finally let him run around in it and get totally drenched!
More water fun!