Friday, July 18, 2008

funny phone call

So I've listed on ksl quite a few things we don't want to take with us to Holland and yet don't want to store. I've already made close to $800 and still have more to list. Anyway, I had a funny phone call the other day. Here's a synopsis...

(phone rings)
me: hello
little boy: i'm calling about your radio
me: yes, i still have it
little boy: how much do you want for it
me: i was asking $7
little boy: can i have it for free
me: ummm...sure
little boy: can you bring it to me
me: (i literally laughed out loud) no, you'll need to come pick it up
little boy: oh, okay...i'll ask my mom

Little kids' bluntness and ...I can't think of the word...makes me laugh. If only we could all just say what's on our mind (wait, maybe that would be a bad thing)! I don't think I would've ever called on an ad and asked to have something for free. And even if I did I never would've then asked them to deliver it to my door! Gotta love kids! (and yes, he came to pick up his free radio/CD player two nights ago) :)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Is yours perfect?

So I am on the never ending search for THE perfect diaper bag. Hopefully someone here can help me end this search.

Things that are most important to me in a diaper bag:

1. Pockets, pockets and MORE pockets...I need organization.

2. it possible to fit everything I "need" and yet not be too bulky and heavy?

3. I want a tote bag with no cover/flap over the top. I hate dealing with the flap when trying to search for kids' stuff.

Okay, so what bag do you have and what do you like/dislike about it? Does a perfect bag exist?

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Today's Conversation

I, three posts in ONE day! Here was one of my conversations with Jimmy today. We were getting ready to go outside and play.

Mommy(M): Jimmy, get your shoes on so we can go play.
Jimmy(J): Otay!!!!
M: Put YOURS on, not Braelyn's. (Braelyn left her adorable pink shoes here.)
J: I sorry mommy, I no mean to wear Baenyn shoes (as he's putting them on).
M: You're a goof! (as I let my son wear pink shoes.)
J: Yes, I a doof!

I think I need to teach him what "I didn't mean to" means. He purposefully does stuff and then makes it "otay" by saying "I no mean to." Cute boy.

Toddler Activity Bags

After reading Chasing Cheerios' post (love this blog, btw) about Toddler Activity Bags, I decided to make some for Jimmy. Hopefully they will help us on our 12 hour flight. Most of these things I already had lying around the house. It's amazing what you can find when you start to de-junk!

Here's what I've assembled so far...

color sorting game, foam sheets & stickers, finger puppets,

necklase making, paper man (not doll) magnets, scissors/glue/stickers,

puzzles, pop beads, misc items (new transformer/silly putty/calculator)

felt board & chalk board.

Here's a closer look at two of them:

Color Sorting with cowboys and indians has already been a big hit. I've now stored them away so they will seem new and more exciting. I already had the small tupperwares sitting in my cupboard. I painted the bottom inside and the rim. Jimmy also had fun lining the cowboys and indians all up with Daddy and taking turns trying to knock each other's down.

And here is the fabulous felt board. Can you tell it's homemade? And don't you love my amazing artistic skills? I know you're amazed!

I'm such a baby.

I've been trying to sell some of our stuff that we're not going to be able to take with us. I'm really not too attached to anything so it hasn't been too hard until just now. I had to list Jimmy's car/bike because it's just too big to take. It sold within one minute and it's already gone and out of the house. Jimmy was just playing with it 30 minutes ago before his nap. I even told him he could play with it when he woke up. Now he'll wake up and it'll be gone. He won't understand. Who am I to sell his stuff without his permission? Is it too embarassing to admit that I'm crying now?

Friday, July 04, 2008

That's Bum Genius!

Follow this link and you could win a bumGenius starter kit. I've never tried cloth diapers...don't know if I'm daring enough!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


This post has been sitting in my drafts for one week now. My internet keeps going out so I haven't been able to put pictures on it. Finally I get to post it. Here's an update on us and of course many pictures...

I feel like I have been running around with my head chopped off trying to get everything accomplished before this move. I have gotten many things crossed off my list but my list still keeps growing (you all know how that is I'm sure). So here are a few things we've been up to recently (besides the packing, sorting, de-junking & passport-getting).

1. Most exciting is we have 2 New Little Nephews! Isaac & Kali (Jarom's sis) had their little boy, Ryker Dean. I posted that last time but here's a cute picture of Ryker and Glade at the park. He looks just like Isaac I must say.

New nephew #2...Glenn (my bro) & Amber had their little boy, Tyce William. He was a tiny guy weighing 6 lbs 2 oz. And I must say he is a spitting image of little Glenn. Although I haven't seen him too recently and word is he's starting to look more like Amber. He does have the same dark hair that Amber had.

2. Most exciting (Part 2) is that Matt came home from his mission. It's been so fun to see him and spend time with him. He said the one who changed the most was Lara. I believe it. She's changed so much in the past two years going from age 14 to 16.

3. Renae (my sis) turned 11. She had a fun birthday party with water shooters and a LPS cake. Glade and I enjoyed relaxing in the sun and shade while Jimmy drenched us with the water shooter.

4. We had a fun day at the park with many of the Higley cousins. Jimmy enjoyed feeding the "bigger duck" (aka swan).
Hopefully my internet starts actually working and stays working so that my next post isn't another month from now!