Monday, July 14, 2008

Is yours perfect?

So I am on the never ending search for THE perfect diaper bag. Hopefully someone here can help me end this search.

Things that are most important to me in a diaper bag:

1. Pockets, pockets and MORE pockets...I need organization.

2. it possible to fit everything I "need" and yet not be too bulky and heavy?

3. I want a tote bag with no cover/flap over the top. I hate dealing with the flap when trying to search for kids' stuff.

Okay, so what bag do you have and what do you like/dislike about it? Does a perfect bag exist?


Chris & Amy said...

I use a purse/tote. I got it at my MIL's store and there are NO pockets, which I hate. The bag is absolutely adorable and so I let the pocket thing slide.

Sara & Dustin said...

I just found the diaper bag of my dreams. I love it with all my heart and it meets all your requirements. Not only that but it is really cute and has so many great features, including a detachable clutch.

The brand is Skip*Hop and it's their "City Chic" bag. Here's the link:

Here's the catch: they're expensive, of course.

Chira said...

Oh my gosh, you NEED to go here: this bag is HUGE!! my cousin hill has one...i can't believe how bit is! I LOVE my jujube bag, i have the be all, but it has the flap thing that you don't like--it is kinda annoying!! they are kind of expensive--i think around 140-150, but oh my gosh, they have a MILLION pockets, zippered pockets, keeps things cold pockets, key chains, picture holders, seriously, they're so big! this is my new dream bag!! but it's not too huge--it kinda looks like a duffel, which they also have, but it's not that big...but it's big!! and if you click on where to buy, it'll tell you which stores around you have them!! happy sure to let us all know what you do! :D loves!

Carrie and Jon said...

I am of NO help in the whole diaper bag area. I just wish that I could use one, but I feel that it would look a little crazy if I carried one around. When is the big day of the move? I love the new pictures of your family...way cute!

Mary said...

I have a Vera Bradley diaper bag. I know it can be a bit girly for the boy stuff you would be carrying around, but, I mean, you are you one carrying it :) I like it because it's big enough, but not bulky. It has enough space for several diapers, wipes, food, changes of clothes, and all the small things like powder. There are 3 inside pockets and 4 outside, 2 for sippy cups/bottles. Another good quality is that it's washable. I haven't washed it yet, but I have washed purses of this brand and they still look good after a few washes. They run about $90, I think, but I feel like it's a good investment. Good luck in your search!

cyndi said...

Did you look at ju-ju-be like kiki said. I LOVE THEM I am an organize freak. I NEED lots of pockets and storage. I have a big bag and I am getting a bigger one. My diaper bags only last me a couple of months and them I buy another one. I have used this one since rig was born he is 16 mo-- you have to check them out even if you don't get one know you should look into them for next time. They are a lot cheaper then most of the Big brands but still kindof expensive. They have tons of different sizes and colors!