Friday, July 18, 2008

funny phone call

So I've listed on ksl quite a few things we don't want to take with us to Holland and yet don't want to store. I've already made close to $800 and still have more to list. Anyway, I had a funny phone call the other day. Here's a synopsis...

(phone rings)
me: hello
little boy: i'm calling about your radio
me: yes, i still have it
little boy: how much do you want for it
me: i was asking $7
little boy: can i have it for free
me: ummm...sure
little boy: can you bring it to me
me: (i literally laughed out loud) no, you'll need to come pick it up
little boy: oh, okay...i'll ask my mom

Little kids' bluntness and ...I can't think of the word...makes me laugh. If only we could all just say what's on our mind (wait, maybe that would be a bad thing)! I don't think I would've ever called on an ad and asked to have something for free. And even if I did I never would've then asked them to deliver it to my door! Gotta love kids! (and yes, he came to pick up his free radio/CD player two nights ago) :)


Carrie and Jon said...

You are so nice to let him have it for free. I love selling things on KSL...extra money plus de-junking, gotta love that!

Karlene said...

One time when I was dejunking, I had a huge yard sale on Fri/Sat. Then on Monday, I sent flyers around the neighborhood saying I was having a "Wish" sale and to come look at my stuff and name their price. I really just didn't want to haul it all to D.I.

I was amazed at the reluctance of the adults to suggest a price, even when they new it would all go to D.I. the next day.

But the kids? They were wonderful. Many of them wished their armload of stuff was a penny. A few wished it was free. :)

Katie said...

Hilarious!! And no, I didn't buy one of those necklaces but I want one. Did you buy one?

mikensi.jimmy said...

ha ha! that's awesome! art linkletter, is that his name? Kids say the darndest things!

Chris & Amy said...

Yes I have some extra just might get some!!!

Chris & Amy said...

Wierd...I am on my old friend Jimi's blog and it says to go and visit Dave and Aubree's blog for some awesome news...and there you are! Small Blog World! i don't know Dave and Aubree but I wish them the best of luck and I am so happy for them! I am a huge adoption advocate!

Faith said...

I can't believe you guys are leaving the country! I'm glad that you have your blog so I can stay updated on your adventures.

Fowler family said...


We are in the same boat- trying to get rid of stuff we don't want to haul across the country. Craigslist and freecycle are so my friends right now.

I am excited you guys are going to Holland. You guys will have so many great experiences and memories. Visit my blog, I just put on there a link to a friend in China right now. I think Holland won't be as odd as China, but I am sure you will still run into a lot of fun things. Hopefully you can blog about them and share them with the rest of us!

Jessica Wing said...

I am not going to lie, this sounds like such a neat expierence. I am pretty jealous! Do you guys have to sell your car and furniture as well? Good luck with the packing.

cyndi said...

Okay that is seriously so cute! How old was he and what did his mom say?