Monday, January 22, 2007

Some More Funny Pictures

Jimmy thinks this chair is his. And he loves to control both remotes!

I left the wipes a little too close to his highchair. He decided he'd clean his own face and hands. He actually did a pretty good job...wiped it almost as good I do, laughing while doing it instead of crying like he does when I clean him, and using only about 5 times as many wipes as I do! He likes to be a big boy!

Some of Jimmy's Favorite Things

Jimmy loves to stick things down the heater vents in the floor. The other day I found his toy monkeys down there. Then later on I kept giving him little slices of apple and I was amazed because he kept coming back for more...until I turned around and saw him dropping the apples down the vent. A few days ago he stuck his crackers down the vents and then decided he wanted them back. The little stink! He also loves to turn on Jarom's radio early in the morning. He turns it on, then off, then on, etc...over and over. He also firgured out how to turn on the bath water in my bathroom so I go in there sometimes during the day and discover it's on and wonder how long it's been running! He loves to play with his tool set from Aunt Shelley and get into all of my drawers and cabinets. He definitely keeps me busy and laughing all day.