Sunday, October 08, 2006

Passing the Time

It is now almost one week post-op and Jimmy is doing really well. He is off all medication...Wahoo!!! Here are some of the things we've done to pass the time...

Eating! These two pictures were taken Thursday at 2:00 am. Jimmy had refused the bottle and I knew he wasn't getting enough to eat. I started feeding him through a medicine dropper. This one only holds 0.8 ml. After feeding him for about 20 minutes he didn't want any more and he had drank less than an ounce! The next day we bought a bigger dropper but thankfully he is now drinking from his bottle again.
Jimmy is getting frustrated because it's not coming fast enough, "Faster Mommy!"

We went on many walks outside. One day it was raining so hard that we strolled around in the garage. He didn't care. It still made him happy!

We read many books. He had several new ones. His favorite is one from his Grandma Vickie. It's an Elmo book and it has many flaps that you can lift. He's already torn one of the flaps all the way off. I knew it would happen sooner or later.

He slept a lot at first and now he's sleeping a little less. It took him awhile to get comfortable in those darn arm restraints. Poor little guy.

I bought him two Baby Einstein DVD's. Despite how he looks in this picture he really enjoyed them. He actually laughed out loud at the wild animals one.

And last, playing with forbidden objects! This was Jimmy's favorite. Since he has the arm restraints on it didn't matter so much what he played with since he couldn't put anything in his mouth. He loved playing with the pens!


Cordell said...

I think Jimmy is lucky to have a good mom.