Friday, May 25, 2007

It's A BOY!!!

He was giving us a thumbs up to let us know everything was just fine!
This one is his arm and face.
I'm sure he'll love this picture one day...and love the fact that it's displayed online!
We had our big ultrasound today and found out we are having a boy! We are very excited! "Jimmy needs a brother to wrestle with," claims Jarom. Before the ultrasound I had to drink about as much water in about 15 minutes as I drink all day long. I seriously almost threw up. Then they were running late and my appointment didn't start until 35 minutes after it was supposed to, 1 hour and 20 minutes after I guzzled all that water. I was almost in tears and so afraid that I couldn't hold it any longer. Luckily they had pity on me and let me partially empty my bladder before pushing on it for the ultrasound.

We saw a specialist since Jimmy was born with a cleft lip and palate. I spent all last night up worrying and searching the internet for ultrasound pictures of clefts and I was pretty good at seeing the cleft after many hours online. I searched for that cleft throughout the whole procedure and I never saw anything but just kept praying that when the doctor came in he would confirm what I thought I saw. I also thought I saw the little boy part before the lady announced it but who knows, it's hard to know what's what in there! Jarom thought he saw it too and then the lady pointed out the umbilical cord (the part he thought was the boy part)! When she finally said it was a boy I smiled and looked at Jarom and he was of course grinning! He really wanted two little boys in a row. Although I was craving (is that the right word…I use that a lot when I’m pregnant) a little girl I am truly equally excited for this little boy and I know these two boys (actually three) will have so much fun together and I can't wait to see them grow up together. According to the ultrasound my due date is four days earlier (October 28th), but I doubt they will actually change my due date with it being so close to the original. He'll probably be an October baby...the first on my and Jarom's side.

After the specialist finished the ultrasound she called the doctor in to look everything over and he said he saw NO cleft!!! And the baby looks perfectly healthy. He does want us to come back next month though for another ultrasound to check things out again and make sure everything is okay. I hope he wasn't hiding something from us...some worry of something different he saw or didn't see...but of course I will try to stop my worrying.

After the ultrasound and after emptying my bladder a few more times (I know you wanted to know that part) we went to Red Robin for lunch and made some fun phone calls to waiting family members and friends. Don't feel bad if you didn't get a call, I really only called like four people! So long story short...we are having a perfectly healthy baby BOY!!! I am SO happy and couldn't be more excited!

And here's the most recent belly picture taken today just after the ultrasound.


Megan said...

Hi, Erika!!! I'm SOOOO excited for you and your hubby!! What a releif huh? Congrats! Try not to worry I can see two perfect lttle lips too!

Clay said...

that's exciting... congrats

annafowler said...


You are so cute pregnant!

Those were great pictures- yep no cleft! I am so excited for you, and so glad it all went well (except for the drinking water part :)).

Cordell said...

Congratulations Erika

McKenna Gordon said...

Erika CONGRATULATIONS! How is it I had no idea and I just saw you a few weeks ago! I'm so excited for you. YAY!

Karlene said...

Erika, what great news! I can't believe you kept it quiet at McKenna's baby shower. Although, you could have told me and I wouldn't remember. That night was pretty hectic for me. But anyway, CONGRATS!

dub said...

Congrats! I love the scan announcing that he's a boy. It's the only one with a little arrow and where the specific anatomy isn't mentioned - just the implications of such anatomy. face.hand.arm.boy. I know I'm weird - it's just funny to me.

McKenna Gordon said...

Warren... hilarious. It's true, that's very funny. Doctors...they're weird. ;)