Friday, January 11, 2008

It's All in My Head

I am one of those bloggers that is constantly thinking up "interesting" posts, complete with titles and pictures, in my head...and yet they never make it to my blog. Wait, do "those bloggers" even exist or am I the only one? I never seem to have/make enough time to actually post my blogs. So in case you're interested, here are some of those fascinating posts that would've been on my blog in full context if I didn't have two littlies (one hungry angel & one precious stinker):

1. One Possessed Potty: Jimmy's toddler potty makes "fun" sounds when he goes in it. Sounds fun right...until it becomes possessed...the other day it kept going off all during nap time. I kept getting up to see if Jimmy had somehow figured out how to get out of his crib (without me hearing) just so he could go sit on his potty. Not the case. Then I worried the loud annoying music would wake him up from his nap early, which by the way is one of my biggest pet peeves. Nap time is PRECIOUS and I can't stand it when it's interrupted. I finally took apart the whole thing just to get it to be quiet. FYI, Jimmy loves going on the potty and asks to go on it all the time (and goes on it without asking). The main thing holding him back is me...I don't feel like putting in all the time for potty I horrible?

2. It Wasn't Me: I can't believe we're already starting this phase at our house. There was mysteriously a beautiful picture drawn in eye liner on my bathroom tile. Jimmy walked into the bathroom and said, "Uh oh, what appen (happened)?" I replied, "Someone drew on the you know who?" Jimmy..."Ummm, it was bebe." Should I believe him?

3. Ahhhhh, Nice: This is Jimmy's new fav saying. He says it as he's getting in a warm bath, snuggling up with his blanket, giving people hugs...

4. Glade's New Friend: One of Glade's few Christmas gifts was a cute lion rattle that can attach to his car seat. Almost every time he sees it he smiles at it and coos. It's adorable and I have a way cute video of it but it's too big to post and I can't figure out how to make the video smaller. Help?

5. Time For Change: I've seen so many cute blogs out there and I'm really quite sick of my boring/basic layout. Is there anyway I can create a cute new and original layout without having to do it all on my own...because I don't really know what I'm doing!

Well, five in one...that's plenty! Oh and here's a picture of my cute chub-a-lub. Afterall, what's a post without a picture?


Kenna said...

Cute stories!

You can go to and get free templates for blogger. They also have Myspace templates and a bunch of others so make sure you're in the Blogger section. They have hundreds of them and they're all darling. Just pick the one you want, then click on the box with html code in it and copy the code. Then login to your Blogger dashboard and go to your template settings and replace your entire template with the new text. Voila!

WARNING: Sometimes this deletes all your sidebar information. Which is FINE if you know before hand that it's going to happen so you can copy your sidebar information to put it all back in again, but if you didn't know in the first place and you don't save your sidebar off in a word doc or something, then it's really frustrating (GRRR) (Speaking from experience) :) Good luck!

Chira said...

YOU ARE TOO CUTE!!!!! i can't believe how big glade is getting! i totally need to email...but, i found my background at free and she has directions on how to do it and it didn't change any of the stuff i had already done! if you want to pay someone...cyndi went to and paid the girl 8 bucks for her to do it for cyndi! but....yea! :D it sounds like you're having fun as a mom...jimmy just sounds too cute! i love you!!

Katie said...

Oh my heavens, I loved that entry. My favorite was the eyeliner one. By the way, Glade is so cute! I haven't seen pictures of him for a LONG time!! He SO looks like a Lovelace. I love it! :) I cant' believe I haven't met him in person yet. I'm such a horrible friend. That or we're both busy moms and we live too far away from each other. Could be. Send an email! Need to hear from you.

Love yoU!