Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Tax Prep Makes Me Sick!

I decided to make my tax prep fun by popping some popcorn. Then I saw the last Coke in the fridge and had to have that and also stumbled upon the Conversation Hearts and grabbed those. This was going to be a party! Here I am an hour later; haven't touched the taxes, finished all the popcorn (might I add it had "Movie Theatre Butter"), ate way too many hearts and almost finished the'll be gone by the time this posts. Ugh, next time I'll try to not make tax prep so "fun."


Kenna said...

Dude... WHO is this organized!?

You're officially hired! LOL

Casey said...

Well it's about time you update the family blog, guess I have to give you crap more often huh?
So you want to know which makeover I think you should do? I think Elle is a good one, it's not too fancy but it still makes you feel like a warm family if ya know what I mean.
Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my post. Now you have to post on ours...

p.s. You'll never get a girlish post out of me ever again, that was a once in a life time comment!

Faith said...

That makes me feel better about the fact that I ate 20 Hershey Kisses today...but that had nothing to do with doing taxes.