Thursday, May 01, 2008

Girl Time

My mom, Lara, Renae, Mia (Lar's friend), and Melanie (Nae's friend) came to visit us last weekend. Wait, the weekend before, I am behind! We had lots of fun and lots of "girl time". We started with homemade pedicures. Jimmy loved the foot soak... Too bad I made the water SO stinkin' hot that it seriously took like 20 minutes before we could put our feet in without scalding them. Fun, huh?!

Jimmy then spoiled us each with leg rubs complete with yummy smelling lotion.

Jimmy's foot soak turned into a mini-pool. I suppose my carpet did need to be cleaned.

Jimmy wanted polish again so this time I "tricked" him by painting his toenails with clear polish. They now have a healthy shine to them, okay so there was some sparkles in the polish too.

We stayed up late watching movies and eating popcorn. The next day we played games all day and ate junk. Oooh, and check out the peaches 'n cream waffles we had for breakfast. I'm really quite the chef!

It was even warm enough that we got to go outside and play extreme spoons. Never heard of it? Same rules as spoons but you place the spoons across the room/yard and then have to run for them (tackling and pushing allowed). Let's just say that after a few rounds I could tell that I need to work out more! We all had fun and I miss all my girls. Thanks for coming. Love you.


Michelle D said...

Wow, that sounds like such a great time! And those waffles look fabulous! Jimmy is stinkin' cute sitting in that little tub. What a sweetie!

cyndi said...

What a fun weekend. You are too cute!

Crazy Daisy said...

Sounds like a good time!

Chira said...

what a cute idea!! i love jimmy's mini-pool!!

Faith said...

Girl time is so necessary! Pedicures are so fun and junk food indulgences are a necessary evil sometimes! Glad you had fun.