Thursday, May 08, 2008

Phew, a nice guy discount.

We had an exciting excursion Tuesday night. We went to the Bees baseball game with Kali & Isaac. If everything would have gone as planned the night would have been probably slightly forgettable (but still fun). However, a few twists and turns made it into one to remember...

After dropping off the kiddos we drove to SLC and then attempted to find a parking place. Well, there were plenty but they all cost money...what's up with SLC anyway?! Who wants to pay $5 just to park? But we outsmarted them - we remembered that we saw a Lowe's as we got off the freeway with TONS of parking and still close to the game. We saw that as our best option.

Our seats were really close and I was surprised how much fun I had. I always considered baseball to be the boring sport. This still doesn't mean I'll watch it on tv though. We decided to leave early. Jarom admitted he hadn't enjoyed much of the game because he had been worried about the car the whole time. $5 would have been worth the peace of mind. As we walked to where our car should have been we noticed there were NO cars there. Yup, they had been towed. It was then that we noticed the millions of signs plastered all over that parking lot. I swear before the game there was only one small easily unseen one.

Thankfully there was a # to call and they were still open (although they did charge an after hours fee). They only took cash so we first had to walk to an ATM machine (2 blocks in the opposite direction). Then we walked for about an hour (poor 8 mos prego Kali). Once we finally got to the tow place we were prepared to pay the $244 to get our car back. The guy then said that since DH didn't swear at him he would give us a $4 discount. WOW, now that's generosity! Good thing I married a nice guy!

On a side note, we really did have a lot of fun. The weather was perfect, we got a break from our adorable kiddos, had plenty of time to chat and even got a nice workout in (yes, I do consider leisure walking to be a workout). I'm just glad I had on comfortable shoes.


Michelle D said...

Wow, $4 huh. funny. Great story and definitely one to remember. We're going to the bees game Friday night - I'm glad we read this first!!