Monday, September 08, 2008

Happy Grandparent's Day!

We just wanted to wish all the grandparents out there a Happy Grandparent's Day (yesterday)! This post is for you...thus MANY pictures of the little boys.

Today Jimmy told me he wanted to "Take buggy Grandma's house get a lolly!" I found it funny that he's already starting to use a few new words. They call strollers "buggies" and suckers "lollies." Since Grandma lives a little too far away he settled for a walk to the store complete with a short ride (see video) and two lollies (one for baby).

Here are a few of the other fun things the boys have been doing recently:

Jimmy would spend all day outside if I let him.

Making brownies!

Playing with our two small buckets of toys...can't wait for the remainder of our stuff to get here.

The little boys and I often walk to the city center to get french fries & ice cream. Jimmy finds it hilarious to chase the pigeons.

Sneaking cookies out of the keuken kabinet...too bad for him he's not very sneaky!

And we leave you with:

some typical Jimmy attitude...
a silly face of Glader boy...

and a sweet movie clip.

We love you and miss you so incredibly much! xoxo


Katie said...

You're so cute! It looks like you guys are having fun accross the world. I can't believe how big your boys are getting.

sallysue said...

Your kids are adorable. I do believe my favorite is the brownie face, though.... mmm... brownies.

Megan and Sean said...

I love the last two pic's of the boys, they are SO cute! I do hope your things get to you quick. How do you manage with two boxes of toys???

Chira said...

that is so sweet!!!!! your boys are SO big! you're such cute parents! I need you to teach me how to post video's like that...i can never figure it out! :D

Foxy 4 said...

It looks like you guys are keeping busy and having lots of fun. I saw someone who looked like you yesterday and it made me miss you guys. It's fun to see pictures and keep tabs on what's going on. Let us know when you come to visit.

Our Little Family said...

What a fun update! Your boys are darling! How are you guys liking living in a new country? It sounds so fun, exploring around finding new things! How long will you guys be there?
I am glad we found each others blogs! I am excited to be able to keep up with you! Now we just need to convince VAN to start one!

Nikki Sly said...

I miss you guys!! The boys are too cute, I love all the pictures! I hope you are all getting used to life out there! Love you!