Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Closer Look

So my Aunt tagged me for this meme...oh, 3 months ago. I'm finally getting to it! The rules are to take pictures of everything as is...no prepping first.

1. My Kitchen Sink:

Pretty much the only time my sink has dishes in it for longer than 15 min is when the dishwasher is running. Proof...see the red lights on the dishwasher. Side note: one bad thing about the sinks here in Holland - no garbage disposals. I don't think you can put one in even if you want to. So sad.

2. Inside My (little) Fridge:

One of the reasons I now do grocery shopping 3 times a week. I'm still not used to going that often. One of the other reasons...how much can I possible carry home on the stroller when there are already two kiddos in it? :)

3. My Favorite Shoes:

Let's just say I really need some new shoes. I've been wearing these almost every day for the past...I believe 3 years. They were fine in the states but they don't cut it here when I do so much more walking. I'm looking into getting some tall black boots.

4. My Closet:

Notice the "scary" blue monster hiding in there?

5. The Laundry Pile:

Always a work in progress. Oh how I miss my dryer!

6. What My Kids Are Doing Right Now:

Well since they are both sleeping and I don't DARE risk waking them up, I'll post what they were doing just before naptime. We decided to take a little walk to the swings. I found out that somehow all of the pictures and videos of Glade's first birthday were mysteriously erased and the boys both have the sniffles so we ALL needed some cheering up and fresh air! Bobo (the bear) decided he wanted to come too.

7. My Favorite Room:

I just love the view I have when lying down in bed...and I love lying down in bed!

8. My Most Recent Purchase:

I've loved trying all the new candies (snoep), pastries, & juice here.

9. My Fantasy Vacation:

I know I am only 3 hours from Paris, but I don't care...I REALLY want to go home. I miss my family and friends. I got a few love letters from my family last week and it was so fun just to see everyone's (Mom's & Nae's) handwriting. Renae's letter made me lol while waiting for our metro. Emails are excellent but there's just something about holding a piece of paper in your hand that you know the person you love was holding just a few days before. I even smelled them to see if they still had traces of home...nope. Anyway, I miss all you guys. Terribly.

10. Self-Portrait:

I love swinging. It makes me feel like a kid.

Okay, so who do I tag...since it started in the family, let's keep it going with Amber & Kenna.


Chira said...

ok. um, HOW do you get such a cute pic of yourslef? LOVE the hat. you suck---and HLELO you're only 3 hours from Paris!!! Please tell me your going some day! or brussels!! but, i totally know what you mean? I'm loving it here, but I'm DYING to go home! your house is so cute!!

Rob and Jill said...

Love the pictures! Your place is so cute. Have you tried Vla yet?! It's kind of between yogurt and pudding- I love it! You are way too clean and tidy. Gotta love crunchy towels- I hate the air drying them!

Amber & Glenn Lovelace said...

OH Erika how we miss you! When I get my camera from glenn I will get on this. SO FUN! Its fun seeing everyones random stuff. Glenn is getting back from the sand dunes today. Him and your dad when this weekend. Love ya!

Fowler family said...

Oh Erica, your sink, your fridge and your washing machine totally remind me of our apt in China. What is it with our humongous fridges here in the US? And isn't it crazy that other countries haven't gotten on the "washers go with dryers" bandwagon like we have in the US? Laundry takes so much more time now with all the hanging and such huh. I feel for you. You are having an adventure you will remember for the rest of your life and look back fondly on (I promise).