Thursday, January 15, 2009

Difference #1

I thought it would be fun to occasionally post about the differences I notice from my life in Utah to my life in Holland. So here we go...

#1. The Mail
In order to send mail I have to visit a local drop box in my neighborhood or a post office (postkantoor). It takes about 3 minutes to walk to the neighborhood drop box and about 6 minutes to walk to the postkantoor...not bad.

Incoming mail is nice because it is dropped right inside my house. Jimmy still thinks this is so cool and every time he hears the mail he gets excited..."De mail here!" and he runs to get it. Now I no longer have to worry about my mailbox getting so full that the mail lady complains!

One obstacle I didn't think about before coming here is that all of our utilities, bills, etc are obviously in Dutch. It's made paying bills more interesting!

FYI: To send mail from the US to the Netherlands it costs $0.94 for a typical letter/card. You can use just regular stamps so long as they add up to $0.94.


Amy said...

That's way fun...our Grandpa's mail still comes like that and he lives in Kaysville...BTW I love Jimmy's hair...Rhett just decided to grow his out and I can't wait!

Our Little Family said...

HOW FUN! I am totally jealous! BJ finishes school this May and I hope we get to go live abroad too! Do you like it? All your adventures seem like they are so exciting!

Katie said...

Our mail used to come through a slot in our door in California too. I wish it were like that everywhere! I was just thinking today how ridiculous it is that I have to load the kids in the car (I supposed to could walk like you do, not like a lazy, wasteful American :) to drive around the block and get the mail.

Katie said...

Thanks for sharing your adventures!

Kim said...

Boy...I need to send Jimmers some mail!!!!
Tell him to watch cuz I'm writing tonight and mailing tomorrow!