Thursday, January 29, 2009

How do you get to church?

I've had many questions about how we get to church, how long it takes, what our building looks like, etc. Last Sunday I miraculously was ready with time to in about 30 seconds...just enough time to grab the camera! So here it is...our journey to church...

The ideal time for us to leave our house (ideal meaning we won't have to run to make it to the metro) is 8:53 am. More often than not we are running. I would love a picture of me running in my skirt and tall boots, carrying my baby and overloaded church bag. I'm sure I look fabulous. I proudly run like the girl I am! Thankfully this day there was only brisk walking involved.

We get on the metro at 9:01 am and ride for 4 minutes.
We then get off the metro, cross the tracks, and head into the station building to buy a train ticket. We head up the escalator and wait for the train. Our train leaves at 9:11 am and arrives in Gouda at 9:23 am. The train is Jimmy's favorite part. You have to take a huge step to get on and then either go up or down the stairs depending on where you choose to sit. The 12 minute train ride is quite peaceful.

Once we get to Gouda we walk about 5 minutes to our church building, which looks nothing like a church building, btw.

We walk in the church about 9:28 am and church starts at 9:30 am. One hard thing about public transportation is if we were to be running even 2 minutes behind and miss our metro or train we would at best be 20 minutes late for church.

It costs Jarom 5,20 euros to get to church and back. It costs me 7,20 euros because I also have to pay for the metro (Jarom's work pays for his metro card). We will buy a discount card soon so our train tickets are cheaper.

That's a little more exciting than arriving by car, eh? I thought about taking pictures inside the church and was tempted to video tape the congregation singing a Hymn in Dutch...but I don't that a little too irreverent? :)


Rob and Jill said...

Love it! Gotta love the public transportation. The trains there really are way cool. I remember many times running my hardest (in a dress, but without the baby) to catch the bus, metro, or a train. How exciting for the kids.
I don't think you are supposed to record in Sacrament meeting, but you could in Relief Society. We would love to hear it.

Katie said...

I thought that same thing but someone else said last Sunday that you're not supposed to record at church at all... I don't know... i could do Primary or Relief Society I think. I just know there's no camera's allowed in the chapel. Sounds like every Sunday is a huge adventure. Looks fun to be able to actually hold your baby while you travel though, instead of strapped in a carseat.

Katie said...

Thanks for sharing. i love your posts.

chira said...

it does sound like a HUGE adventure! i'd love to see you running in your church get-up!it rocks to run like a girl! :D lol oh, i think kt's right, you're not technically supposed to take pics in a chapel. maybe in primary you could record them singing! :D lol. do you know any hymns in Dutch yet?

annafowler said...

Your commute reminds me of our church trip to and fro when we were in China!

You totally need to take some pics inside! You will regret it once you come back if you don't. I wish I would've taken more pics.

And hey, I recorded Jimmy's primary talk (and I was in the states!), so I was way more irrereverant. You're just recording music! :)