Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Keukenhof & Efteling

So you probably know that Holland is famous for its tulips. Keukenhof is the world-famous 80-acre park. Each year 7 million flower bulbs are planted! I thought it was amazing how they have the whole garden planned so there is always something blooming. It was gorgeous and my pictures really just don't do it justice.

My favorite part was the smell. Too bad there's no way to capture that and send some to all of you. The whole park smelled so good! The little boys' favorite part was the petting zoo (okay so that area didn't smell so nice).

We also recently went to Efteling with some of our friends here (the Peck family). Their daughter, Abby, is so sweet to Jimmy and he just adores her. I loved watching them run around the amusement park holding hands! They had all these little houses you could walk Snow White's house, Sleeping Beauty, Red's Grandma, etc...they were so cute.

These mirrors that contort your image kept the kids giggling for so long. Jimmy thought they were absolutely hilarious!

Can you find Jimmy in the maze?

This was taken before a really cool 3-D show called PandaDroom (Panda Dream).

Both boys loved this little train ride.

Jimmy's favorite was this train one. You have to pedal to get your train moving. Kristal and Alex Peck are in the train behind Jarom and Jimmy. Alex was so good at pedaling that they kept catching up to Jimmy and running into him. Jimmy thought it was so funny!

I loved Jimmy's expression on this little rollercoaster. Normally he is pretty expressionless on rides but not on this one! After this ride he saw a very big boat ride that he desperately wanted to go on. Jarom and I could tell it was just for older kids (think Tidal Wave at Lagoon...but I swear this one went higher) but Jimmy was determined so I took him on it. The poor kid was so scared. He hid his face and whimpered. After the ride he said, "I not like the big boat. It go too really high and make my sad." Poor thing. We had a great time with the Pecks and were so glad we went together. I hope we all go again next year too. I thought I'd end this long post with the gorgeous picture above. I'm flying to the US with Jimmy and Glade on Friday. I'm sure Utah will look even browner now that I'm used to such a gorgeous green place. It's even green here in the winter.


Rob and Jill said...

Pragtig!!! Thanks for the pics. Now I really, really want to visit you!
Have a great trip home. It'll be browner, but home is always beautiful.

Dawn said...

That is so beautiful. What an amazing adventure. How long are you home for?

Katie said...

YAY FOR UTAH!!! haha, sorry. I had to throw that in there. I've totally been to kukenhof! The tulips weren't quite in full bloom yet though, bummer. But SO beautiful! Can't wait to see yoU!!!

AshlieM said...

Wow that place looks beautiful! Looks like you had a fun time!