Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Paris Part One

Notre Dame
We took way too many pictures in Paris to make this only one blog post. So, here's the first post...we'll see how many it takes.

We spent 8 days in Paris. 5 days in the city center and 3 days in Disneyland Paris. We all had a lot of fun, saw some amazing things, made wonderful memories and in the end were completely exhausted and anxious to get back home. We had the two little boys with us so we had to limit the amount of time we spent in museums and break things up with visits to the park and ice cream breaks....both of which I enjoyed also.

Good thing someone locked up their bike! haha :)
The Louvre

Jimmy liked all the statues.

Glade liked the paintings on the ceilings. He kept saying, "Wow, look...up high!" while pointing.
Playing in the dirt outside the Louvre
Jimmy took this picture...we celebrated our 5th anniversary with shopping at La Fayette, seeing the Arc de Triomphe (pic below), and a delicious dinner...I had salmon, Jarom had lamb and the boys had chicken and french fries. We finished with chocolate mousse!

Two downsides: Our hotel had no A/C, which made things incredibly hot. Also the metro system there is horrible if you have a stroller and kids. There are hardly any stations with elevators and there are many sets of stairs that you have to carry the stroller up and down. What a pain! For that reason I am glad I don't live in Paris. The metro system here in Holland is much more convenient.


Megan and Sean said...

How exciting! (Glade looks REAL excited in one of those pics!! HA!) Can't wait to see Disneyland Paris!!!

the speers said...

So much fun er!!!! I love the pic Jimmy took, he's pretty good!!! You look so cute with your little budah, too!! :D

Katie said...

So fun! What a great anniversary! I love the pic Jimmy took, you look adorable.

Sara and Dustin said...

Who knew you could have a fun trip to Paris with kids? I can see how it would make it a different experience but still a great time. But no a/c in the hotel!? ouch. I'm sorry.