Sunday, November 29, 2009


We've had a mouse problem in our attic off and on since moving here. They disappeared for several months and now they are back. A few nights ago Jarom went upstairs to collect his kill. I gladly stayed downstairs.

I heard loud moans coming from upstairs and then a disgusted yell! I called up to Jarom, curious what was going on, but not wanting to see it with my own eyes.

The mouse had flown off the mousetrap and was dead on the carpet. Jarom picked it up by the tail and the tail fell off! That was the cause of the moan I heard. Then he proceeded to pick up the mouse by the squishy dead body only to find it was stuck to the carpet! That was the cause of the disgusted yell!

Let's just say I'm thankful for a husband who takes care of the little vermins so I don't have to. Are we inhumane to use the snap traps? I don't want a live trap because honestly, I'm sure as I release them they will laugh at me and return again the next night. I don't want the sticky traps because then I have to listen to the mice suffer. Only other thing I can think of is a cat. The boys would love one, but they are getting a sister instead!


Vickie said...

Too funny! I can picture Jarom doing this!

Dawn said...

We have had a serious mouse problem too. I think our three year old leaves the door open to much. I think snap traps are the best thing ever invented!

Danielle said...

We have a mouse problem too. I hate them. I've seriously contemplated getting a cat too. But, I'm deathly allergic to them and we have a dog. I don't think the snap traps are inhumane. I like them. I feel like if they invade my house, they deserve to die!