Thursday, November 05, 2009

School Checklist

Today was a big day...Jimmy started school! In the Netherlands kids start school around their 4th birthday. Thus they have new kids starting all throughout the year.

Here are a few (okay, quite a few) pictures and video clips of our big day:

Breakfast Eaten...Check! (love this face)

Shoes Tied...Check! (almost)

"Mippens" On...Check!

Little Brother Excited...Check!

Backpack & Umbrella Ready...Check!

Walk Down Our Street...Check!

Spot His School...Check! (15 min later)

Arrive at the Doors...Check!
(He kept telling me, "Mom, we don't have time for this!")

Sitting With All the Big Kids...Check!

Mom Returns Home With Only ONE Child...Check! (sniff,sniff)
Glade Happy to Have Charge of the Umbrella...Check!
* * * * *
And Now For the Report After School...
How Did He Do?
Just Look at His Face!

Before & After Clip:


Rob and Jill said...

How cute! What a big boy. I love the pictures- pure joy. Is he attending a dutch school?

Katie said...

Wow! Big day! Way to go Mommy! How do you think you're going to do with this now? Feel any better after doing it once now?

Karlene said...

That's a milestone you'll remember forever. :)

Vickie said...

Sooo sad. My little boy is growing up...

Yep, you'll never forget the day he started school.

Erika said...

Yes, he is attending a Dutch school. I think he'll catch on pretty quickly though. The International schools were SO expensive and plus we want him to learn Dutch.

Yes, I feel much better about doing this now. It feels more do-able! I think we'll survive! :)

mikensi.jimmy said...

oh my! that is TOO cute! Loved the videos!

Ashlee said...

Does he know some Dutch already? They learn so quick when they're young. I bet he'll have it down real soon and be translating for you guys! :)