Thursday, December 24, 2009

Holiday Break

Reading & Relaxing

Baking Yummy Goodies

Snuggling My Myra

Watching Movie, after Movie, after Movie

I absolutely LOVE Lazy Holidays!


the speers said...

so cute!! IS that the sling Katie made you? it's so cute, too!! Pretty sure Myra is so sweet! I love the picture of the boys watching a movie...with the doll next to them! lol...i couldn't tell if it was Myra or not at first! :D merry christmas lovely lady!

Katie said...

So sweet! How is that sling working for ya? I can't believe how different Myra is looking already! Makes me baby hungry! :)

Fowler family said...

Oh my goodness! Erika, you had your baby! She's absolutely adorable and so beautiful! I love her name too! Congrats!!!