Friday, January 01, 2010

New Year's Eve in Holland

Don't you love this up-the-nose shot? I'm sure Jarom & Kristal do!
I think you have not truly seen fireworks until you have been in Holland on New Year's Eve. Many people light off huge fireworks in their front yards. Picture the fireworks the city usually lets off but then imagine them being let off right in front of your regular citizens. And then picture you live on a street with many houses and you have many neighbors lighting them off at the same time. The results...very loud, very cool, very smoky, and slightly scary!

The Peck family was very kind to invite us over once again. If it weren't for them we'd rarely get out! As you can see, their children thoroughly enjoyed the fireworks!

Myra slept!

Glade frowned and whimpered!

Both boys were happier watching the fireworks from inside. Jimmy was okay outside if his ears were covered.

Here's where Alex & Jimmy were at the stroke of midnight. They cared more about the computer game...wonder where Jimmy gets that from?! ;)

One good thing about 1:00 am bedtime...oh wait two...the kids let us sleep in until 10:30 am and they all took a nap today at the same time.

We wish you all a Wonderful New Year...2010!


Kristal said...

Thanks for the nose shot:)

Rob and Jill said...

Awesome! What a fireworks show. The dutch know how to bring in the new year. I remember it sounding like a war zone. We mostly only saw huge strings of firecrackers. Oh, and the excitement of the fire truck visiting our apartment building 3 times that night to put out fires- like the old sofa someone lit up.
I love the pictures of the sleeping kids! Precious.