Friday, March 12, 2010

My Daughter

You know every day (seriously, every day) since Myra was born I think about how amazing it is to have a daughter. A daughter.

I have a daughter!!! I am equally in love with my boys, don't get me wrong, but there is something miraculous for me about having a little girl.

It's this amazing feeling where every single thing could go wrong and yet I would still be immeasurably blessed because...I have a daughter.

I could be living in a different country from people I love and ache for and yet it's okay because...I have a daughter.

I could be falling in love with a different country (which yes, is kinda scary for me) but don't worry...I have a daughter.

I could have days filled with stress that end up not seeming so bad because...I have a daughter.

I could (still) be waking up every 3 hours at night to a supposedly starving baby, but sometime through each feeding I smile...I have a daughter.

I could feel like I never have a moment just for myself, but at least I'm daughter.


Dawn said...

She is so cute! I love to see her cute clothes and bows.

Amy B. said...

So sweet and so beautifully written...everything seems so different to me these days so I say...hold her close and don't let go!

Katie said...

That was priceless. So sweet.

Kim said...

I agree with Katie.
All Mothers can say AMEN to your beautiful words and heartfelt feelings Erika. You are going through a lot. Every line made sense to me for I know the background.
Daughters are angels and send automatic gifts to our hearts every moment we choose to acknowledge the blessing they are.
You see the miracle because you choose to.
Daughters like you, valiant and faithful as Mothers themselves take your message to another depth.
I love you angel Erika Dawn.
We are so honored to call you daughter. xoxo mom

The Murdocks said...

I feel the same way. They are SO special! What a precious family!

Brandon, Rachelle and Samantha said...

Hey Erika,

I found your blog from Chira's. I hope you don't mind. I just have to tell you how much this post has touched me. I read it the other day and I keep thinking about it. It was a beautiful reminder to me of how very precious my daughters are and how I want to treasure every minute with them, even the moments when life can be challenging. Thank you!

Rachelle (Young) Gonzales