Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Den Haag

I hope you aren't sick of my summer pictures yet because I still have about 12 more posts of them!
The highlight of Den Haag (the hague) by far was Maduradam. It's a miniature city with a whole bunch of models of places in the Netherlands. I was amazed at how closely they paid attention to little details...like the tiny people and dogs and bushes trimmed to look like trees.
Jimmy in front of a tiny windmill
Classic Glade face
Sleeping Beauty
Glade was heart broken when he found out he was not allowed to play with the model cars.
Model of an amusement park...you put a coin in and the rides all came to life!
These next few make me laugh...I'm surprised Lara and Shelley didn't get us kicked out! :)
"Shelley, watch out!"
Are you laughing yet?
"Lara, you are HUUUUGE!"
How many people can you fit in one wooden shoe?
We also got to go to Den Haag temple, which was one of my favorite evenings of the summer!


Rob and Jill said...

How awesome! What fun times. NO, I'm not sick of all the pictures in the least. Keep them coming!!! I love to see the temple...

JustusJohnsons said...

I have been reading your blog, hope that's ok! :) Those pictures made me laugh! I like the one where is is about to flick the little people, haha.
So....why exactly did you move there? I think you told me one time when we were chatting but I can't remember. It's so pretty there! I wanna go! Hope to hear back from you! You can just write me on facebook if that's easier :)
Have a great day!

AshlieM said...

I love looking at your blog. You have so many fun adventures! Your blog makes me want to go back to Europe.