Sunday, September 05, 2010

Summer Recap: Keukenhof

Thankfully Shelley got here just in time to see keukenhof. I think when most people think of Holland they think of tulips. One of the things I love about keukenhof is the smell of the flowers!

Unfortunately I can't take credit for these great pictures. Shelley took 90% of them!
Jimmy played inside this glass maze for 30 minutes or more. He loved it and he got really good at it. By the end he was showing some adults how to make it through!
Growing up our Grandpa Ross always took cheesy pictures of people smelling flowers...thus this picture is for him! :)

They have a fun petting zoo for the kids. The turkey (below) tried to eat us! Not really, but he sure was scary.

Okay, so there's a story to go with this picture. Shelley and Jimmy are sitting on one of those wooden "lily pads" as you can see. Well after they had their picture taken Jimmy and I had ours taken. After Shelley snapped our picture we started to walk slowly across the lily pads. Then Jimmy got this brilliant idea to run across and being the brilliant mother I am, I also thought it was an excellent idea. We took off running and who would've guessed that those wet lily pads would be slippery? Umm, apparently not me and down we both went. My whole right leg went into the water and was wet up to my knee. I slammed into the next lily pad, hitting my chin and lip on the wood. My lip bled for the next few hours and I was cut up on my legs, hands, and face. I was in quite a bit of pain but what hurt even more was my pride. I slowly picked myself up off that wooden board (and of course my child too who thankfully only scratched his little pinky). I carried him very slowly, head down very low, praying nobody was looking. Ugh, I was very embarrassed. And too bad Shelley had put the camera down just minutes before! This was months ago and I still have a scar on my lip from it.
And I leave you with a picture of my budding photographer! If you ever make it to Holland try and come during the spring so you can see all the flowers. I think it's definitely part of the Holland experience.


Vanessa said...

Those flowers are gorgeous!

Danielle said...

I just want to kiss little Myra's cheeks off. What a cutie. And sorry about the lily pad experience, but I'm not going to lie, I'm totally laughing. Only because of my "Target Parking lot crash"!!! I feel for you. I was hurt, but praying that no one saw and no one asked if we were okay! :) haha.