Thursday, October 21, 2010


I figured it's about time to finish up those vacation posts. We went to Efteling (a Dutch amusement park) with Jarom's parents. I love Efteling! It's so gorgeous, well-kept, and of course lots of fun.

It is focused around storytales...some of which were familiar to me and some not. The one above was a donkey that poops out gold coins, which of course was a HUGE hit with my boys! We saw a girl get hit in the head with a gold poop coin. Don't think this would fly in the states!
A cool talking tree

They even colored the feathers on the birds!

Jimmy & Grandma

The huge teeter-totters were SO much fun! That is until Grandma and Grandpa got on them and we started worrying they were going to hurt themselves and we'd be pushing them in the strollers! They got way too wild. :)

The whole park is covered with gorgeous flowers.

Jimmy went on this boat ride with me last year and hated it. He wanted to try again this year and surprise, surprise...he hated it again! Poor kid.

Myra having fun with Grandpa.

Glade loved driving the car.

...As did Jimmy!

We had such a great time!


mikensi jung said...

looks like so much fun! love that tree with a face, lol-- cute!