Monday, May 23, 2011


Some of the Higley cousins were down from Idaho so Grandma did an Easter egg hunt for them. It was cute to see them all running around together.

Glade was at the back end of the group. He found all the eggs everyone else didn't see.

Pictures of big groups of kids always make me laugh. There's usually at least one person crying!

The Saturday before Easter we went to the city egg hunt. It's pretty much mass chaos! Really fun mass chaos that is.

The bunny picture

Dumping out their goodies once we got home

I always enjoy dying eggs. Thankfully my kids do too. Too bad I'm the only one who will eat them.

Easter Sunday...Glade is so excited! :)

Ready for the egg hunt.

Jimmy snapped this one. I think Myra looks pretty sweet. I look pretty tired but that's just the reality. Counting down those days until Jarom gets back!

These 3 kiddos sure made Easter enjoyable for me!


the speers said...

grumpy Glade is my favorite! and you don't look tired, you look adorable!! So cute!!

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