Wednesday, May 18, 2011


We took one final vacation before moving back to the US. We went to London! We left the boys with some good friends and took Myra with us.

Gorgeous parks

Hamley's toy store was so cool! Of course we bought something for the boys. We wished they were there with us for this part of the trip.

Cupid and Jarom

Red telephone booths

Double decker buses (which we sadly didn't ride)

Westminster Abbey

St. Paul's Cathedral

We were surprised at how small the London Bridge was. In fact it took us a while to find it because we were looking for something spectacular!

Myra did a lot of snoozing during the day, all bundled up in her little cocoon. Too bad this meant she did little sleeping at night.

Tower cool! I loved all the colors and details (which are hard to see in this picture).

We went out to eat on Valentine's day and the waitor gave me a rose.

...or did he give it to Myra? She claimed it as hers.

Sleeping was awful. We did very little of it with the little munchkin snuggled in between us. The bed was pretty much the size of a twin. See that tiny space in between Myra and the wall? That's Jarom's. Yep, it was fun! Babies are a good form of birth control. :)

I had to snap a picture of Jarom carrying Myra and the stroller up a flight of stairs. He did lots of this seeing as there were hardly any elevators or escalators leading to the tube/metro.

Big Ben

Big Ben and the London Eye

The beginning of the changing of the guards.

Buckingham Palace

Big Ben from up in the London Eye. Myra got bored really fast. She was not a big fan!

But she was happy again once we were on the ground and she was snuggled up with Daddy.

In the Tower of London

Notice anything unusual about this picture? In London they don't only drive on opposite sides of the road!

Don't let this sweet face fool you, Myra was a little rascal on the long train rides to and from London. We had a great time and were so happy to get back and see the boys again! Thinking of London makes me want to eat fish and chips. :)