Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Our Final Days in Holland

Sadly, our last few days in Holland were quite stressful. I had no idea how much work we were getting ourselves into! Thankfully we had so many generous people help us out. I listed our things online for several months and sold things little by little. That took way more time than I thought it would. Here are some pictures of the last few days when we were living with no couches, no beds, no washer/dryer, etc.

The boys loved sleeping on an air mattress in the family room. I, on the other hand, was glad when we got to sleep on a real bed again.

We had an indoor yard sale where we sold everything else off that we hadn't sold in the weeks prior. We ended up giving away lots of things too (including our nice entertainment center). It was a little discouraging to get rid of things we were planning on buying again as soon as we returned, but it was too expensive to ship everything.

Even the light fixtures were starting to disappear. We even had to rip out most of the flooring before leaving. Such a headache!

Thankfully our neighbors brought over some toys for the kids to borrow. We had already sold or packed all of their toys.

Dishwasher gone, boxes everywhere! Packing was so stressful because we had a certain number of bags we were taking, a certain number of boxes we were shipping, and everything had to fit in just right AND be a certain weight. We spent hours moving stuff from bag to bag or box to box, weighing them again, and then moving more things until everything was just right. I believe all of our bags were right on the weight limit!

This is what our bedroom looked like for the last few days. The piles of clothes by the window are the clothes we wore the last few days. I picked clothes we weren't going to take with us so that after we wore them each day we could just toss them or donate them (since we didn't have a washer any more). I'm so glad these moving days are behind us!


Tristan said...

Oh man! Jared and I have moved several times and it's always stressful. But we've never had to do what you did! That would be so difficult. Glad you're home safe and don't have to deal with that again!