Thursday, May 19, 2011

Settling In

Braelyn and Jimmy were so funny when they first saw each other. There was this awkwardness where they both just sat on the couch next to each other smiling, but not looking at each other or talking. It was like they were in junior high! They quickly got to playing and laughing and are best buds again. Not a day goes by where my kids don't ask to play with Braelyn and Ryker!

Myra and Tigger became instant friends. She loves to feed him all the food she doesn't want.

Ryker started calling Jarom "dad" while his dad was on a little trip. It was pretty cute.

The boys got new bikes since we sold theirs in Holland. Jimmy already has a flat in his!

And we tried so hard to catch up on sleep and get used to the time change. It took Myra a month or two to get all adjusted. I hate jet lag! It feels good, yet strange to be back again.


Amy B. said...

You have to get the green goo to put in any tires around here...dang thorns...but, the goo works pretty good!