Friday, December 02, 2011

A Much Needed Getaway

By this point Jarom had been gone working in Holland for about 5 or 6 weeks and he would still be there for another 5 weeks...which meant that I desperately needed a break!!! SO it was perfect timing when my good friend, Katie, called and asked me to come on a business trip with her. I was very excited! We've known each other since junior high and have kept in touch all these years.

It's amazing how nice flying without kids is after you've experienced flying with them! Only problem is you constantly feel like you are forgetting something because it is much too easy and relaxed.

Once we got to Texas, we had a good time setting up Katie's booth (she's the owner of Oh Katy diapers...p.s. I cloth diaper now...surprised?). We got to meet some fun people, go to a few bars (where we felt pretty out of place drinking our Coke's), go to the world's largest honky tonk, participate in armadillo racing (which meant we actually held an armadillo), ride a mechanical bull, and just catch up with each other and have a good time.

Here's the reason why we needed a room with two beds: one for us and one for our junk!

We had such a good time together and yet it was of course good to get back to our kids again!


Liz said...

Erika, How random is this- we have the same diaper bag!!! That green one I saw on your hotel bed! I love it btw, best diaper bag I have ever owned. EVER. My favorite part is it's cute, and doesn't scream "diaper bag" but is just as functional. I found it online after hours of searching for my ideal diaper bag, and Scott bought it for me for my birthday. I bought a Nalgene water bottle in a matching green, and a cute binky holder bag that velcrows to it too. Glad you had fun on your trip, it sounds fabulous, and you look beautiful- a hot mama! NO one would guess you've had 3 kids!!

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