Friday, March 30, 2007

Jimmy's Vacation

Aunt Lara did a good job of taking cute pictures of Jimmy's vacation at Grandma Kim's and Grandpa Don's house! He had a blast with them! I think he wants to go back...I'm not nearly as exciting as all of them.

He didn't even care I was leaving for one week. He just wanted to get down and play. He even smiled and waved goodbye to me!

He has always loved french fries!

How can you say no to those eyes! What a stylin' boy!

"Look what my Aunts did to me!"

"Grandma always spoils me!"

"Grandpa gives the best shoulder rides!"

"I got to eat peanut butter by the spoonful...see, Grandma spoils me!"

"I helped Grandma at the post office."

Thanks for showing Jimmy such a good time! He misses all of you!