Monday, April 02, 2007

Jimmy's Vacuum Obsession

Click here to see a video of Jimmy and his vacuum! He literally walks around all day saying "kah-koom" and searching for the vacuum.

I've been trying to post the actual video here on the blog but I can't get it to work for some reason. If anyone knows why, let me know! Also the picture on the video isn't the best quality for some reason...maybe I have our video camera on the wrong setting or something.


Cordell said...

What a good helper. Maybe Jimmy can teach Eve how to vacuum one day.

Here's how to embed the video:

1) On the right hand side, underneath the download button, click on:
"Email-Blog-Post to MySpace"

2) Then click Embed HTML

3) Copy and paste the HTML from the text box right into your blog post.

(This seems to be the best way for us.)

Let me know if it works.

Fowler family said...

Hi Erika,

I am not really sure how to do it from Google video, but we used dropshots on ours (, and it was free and pretty easy to do (they walk you through it).

I'm sure you'll figure it out. Good luck! -Anna.