Friday, April 11, 2008

one random post

I know this is way overdue.
I am pleased to present to you one very random post. enjoy.

making "pink cookies"

Jimmy is really quite clean for a two-year-old boy. The other night before bed, without being asked, he straightened all his tools, put away all of Glade's toys, vacuumed the floor, put my book neatly on my bed, put his bowl in the sink and asked me to put away my sewing machine! What's next...maybe I'll teach him to take out the trash.

"Oh, cute tih-wee!"
My mom has 4 adorable kittens. Anybody want one? What about one of my neighbors...Emma, Ashlee, Missy, Brittney...that way Jimmy can come play with it and I don't have to deal with it! You know you want one. Did I mention they're free and cute?
Too bad Shell left just before we took this pic.

Scooter rides anyone?

I think we have ourselves a boy!

My mini multi-tasker

Just waiting for the spiders to come out and play.

I'm obsessed with this little boy's thumb...seriously, it's so adorable...all fat and chunky!
Okay, his face is pretty adorable too.

Do I have any pro slinky-detanglers out there?


Ashlee said...

I used to love to detangle slinky's. I guess I just liked figuring things out and feeling like I accomplished something. I must be pretty weird. Cute pictures. Casey won't let me have a cat, darn it. Those kittens are way cute.

Emma said...

I will swap you, one big black dog for one small kitten?? Seems like a fair trade to me. Why don't you just bring Jimmy to my house and he can play with my big kitty. Or at least he could play with my boys instead of waiting for spiders. Although that did look like fun.

Foxy 4 said...

We have a cat. Jared is trying to get me to give her back to my mom. I will try to talk Casey into letting Ashlee take one.

Chira said...

oh my gosh...your family is so cute! don't even get me started on your boys--i love that jimmy puts away all his toys, how funny!! he can come to my house and put away caden's tosy for me anytime!! :D i love the pic of you and your mommy and sisters!! is that from amber's shower? everyone is so grown up--weird!! you look so cute,too..i think i'm in love with your hair, it's so erika!

Karlene said...

Hey, I just tagged you on my blog.