Tuesday, April 15, 2008

You're Invited

to my book party! I'm hosting a book party Thursday, April 24th at 7:00 pm. If you live close to me then stop on by (there will be food...that's why I go to many of these "parties") and if not then check out the website. They have really neat books, puzzles and games.

Go to www.ubah.com/N2059 and then click on the "Enter Bookstore Here!" button and then click on my name off to the right under Active eShows.

I've bought a few of their things before and here are some of my and Jimmy's favs (click on the pic for prices/info):

He absolutely loves these puzzles. He can't quite get the pieces together yet but he loves to sort them and then I help him put them together.

They have several books that are touchy-feely.
Jimmy doesn't have this exact train set, but he got one from my parents that is similar to this and he will spend hours putting it together and taking it apart. It's one of his favorite toys and it's one that Jarom and I have fun with too.

And here are a few on my wish list:

You can make a "Counting Train" puzzle by taking out the pieces on each page and fitting them together on the floor. (Jimmy's big into trains and puzzles.)

There's a track that you build and then wind up the train and it moves around the track. How cute!

So there you have it. I've always loved books and I hope Jimmy continues to. Jarom and I both grew up loving to read. In fact a lot of my babysitting money when I was younger went towards buying books. It's fun to still have that collection now and pass them onto my boys. Jarom's mom used to send him to his room when he got in trouble until she found out that he loved it because he would go in there and read. She then had to find a new "punishment"!


Karlene said...

Erika, I tried to use the link and it said, "The website that you are trying to access is no longer available..." ???

If I ordered some books, would there be an easy way to get them to me?

Karlene said...

Thanks. I just placed an order. Hope your party goes well.

Faith said...

Hope you have a great party and earn some great stuff!! PS-We might be buying a house soon...unreal!!

The Murdocks said...

A party sounds fun! I should be able to come.
P.S. I'll pass on the kitten! They're very cute, but my kids are enough work for now!

Chira said...

thanks!! i found that shirt at target last year for like 3 bucks! i love finds like that! :D