Monday, September 29, 2008


I was told this past weekend may have been our last nice one this year. I took advantage of the sunshine and walked to a huge park 15 minutes away from our apartment with the little boys. We fed the ducks and the swan pretzels (that's what we happened to have stashed in the crevices of the stroller pockets), jumped in puddles left over from the last rain, ran as fast as we could, gathered sticks and other "goodies" from the brick walkways, tried to climb the massive trees covered in moss, and just basked in the sunlight hoping we would get another day like this before the cold creeps in. It felt heavenly. I was humming Hymns in my head as I watched others ride by on their bicycles. Truly. Enchanting.

"Why hello there Mr Duck."

Glade reached out and took this picture all by himself ;)

Such a sweet baby

Glade hated the grass.

Breaking Sticks...this one was a little too thick!
Can you see his two new bottom teeth?
Every time Glade cries Jimmy says, "His toof is coming in!"
Notice the couple that rides by in the background. My favorite is seeing the babies on the bikes and I also saw a really old couple riding side by side holding hands! Oh, how precious. :)


Chira said...

I love it!!! What an awesome park! 15 minutes isn't too far, is it? :D seriously, erika, i can't get over how cute your boys are!! love love love it!!

Chira said...

ok, i hadn't watched the video yet...he's so cute! he's like chucking the pretzels! :D so funny! he's so big!! and i love that there's a swan just chillen with the ducks. Ialways think of swans hangen out by the castles, don't you!? :D

Chira said...
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Chira said...

sorry, it accidentally posted twice, my internet is so ghetto! :D

Raquel said...

Love to watch your blog!
the Boys are getting so big!
I love some of the pics you get w/ their expressions, like the one of Jimmy breaking the stick!

hope all is well over there!

Danielle said...

It is so pretty there! And your boys are so precious! Too bad you live SOOOOO far away, I bet my Parker and your Jimmy would have a fun time playing together.

Rob and Jill said...

I love it, love it! What a beautiful park. So... have you got yourself a bike that can hold the kids?! Hee hee hee. The boys are so sweet. I'm glad you're having fun on your adventure.

Ashlie Midget said...

Cute pictures, your boys are really adorable!

The Murdocks said...

Hey Erika!
It sounds like you are doing well. Glade gets bigger and cuter every picture! We miss you guys!

Megan and Sean said...

How fun. I've been wanting to take my kids to feed the ducks this summer...Oh, well next year!