Monday, September 29, 2008

Jimmy's Wheelies

This movie is dedicated to Grandpa Don (that's where Jimmy got his love of motorcycles) and to Uncle Glenn and Uncle Matt (I believe that's where Jimmy learned this trick). Oh and btw, this movie was taken in Toys 'R Us. I was so happy to find they have one here. Not as happy as Jimmy was though! It takes us about 20 minutes on the metro to get there.


Nikki Sly said...

Uh oh!! Startin young!! haha this is so cute... I'm gonna have to get Matt to watch this! Love you guys!

Kenna said...

That was so cute! My favorite part was the very end when (I assume it was him) Jarom had to ask how much the bike was because it was so dang cute he wanted to watch it all the time at home, hehe :)

Raquel said...

awww how sweet!
did Jimmy get the bike?