Wednesday, September 24, 2008

To market, to market, to buy a fat pig...

The little boys and I went to the market last Tuesday. This particular one (in Blaak) is held every Tuesday and Saturday. You can find all sorts of things like fresh fruit, vegies, fish (ew, they stunk), clothes, shoes, watches, jewelry, tv's, couches, candy, cheese and of course flowers! I loved walking by the flower stands. They smelled heavenly. And can you believe that you can buy 20 gorgeous roses for only 6 euros 50 cents? Or large bouquets of flowers for only two fifty? They had 10 kiwis for 1 euro, shoes for 5 euros, shirts for 1 euro, etc.
I only spent 12 euros and got all the following:

Jacket, pants, sweatshirt, hoodie & shirt for Jimmy; watch (with extra battery) for me; two headbands, 12 cookie cutters, & 6 toys to play with in the dirt (although so far we’ve only used them in the tub).

I love the fresh produce (although it is a little annoying that they don't have much frozen or canned food). Check out my carrots I bought at the grocery store. They seriously took up half of my tiny fridge until I chopped the greens off. Oh, and my eggs look like they came straight from the chicken complete with feathers and poop...they may have still been warm! Okay, so they weren't warm but they do just store their eggs on the shelf (not refrigerated) at the store.

Opening up the egg cartons here brings me back to the good Mapleton farm days when my siblings and I would collect the chicken eggs each day (often warm, complete with feathers and poop) while dodging that pesky rooster that Matt eventually got the best of. After collecting eggs we'd be off to feed the horse, cats, dog and cows. My favorite was probably when we had the ducks and also the baby cows that we fed with a bottle. My least favorite were those mean pigs (Amos & Andy)...oh man they were mean! And I never enjoyed cleaning up any of their feces...but who would?


Laura said...

I LOVE these pictures! Beautiful flowers, gorgeous produce, the freshest eggs... I really wish the markets were set up like that here!

Our Little Family said...

Thats sounds so fun! And when you get a deal that makes shopping even sweeter!

When we lived in Hong Kong my favorite thing to do was to head out and explore the markets!

Good luck with those eggs!

Faith said...

Those carrots are gorgeous. I can't believe how cheap fresh flowers are there. I would probably buy myself roses all the time. =-)

Chira said...

HAHA!!!! I remember the cow's! and the chickens...we fed them once for you....they scared me, lets be honest! :D the market sounds so cool!! i think i would want to buy flowers all the time! :D

Faith said...

If all goes well closing is Oct. 22nd =-)