Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter in Holland

One small difference I found with Easter in Holland is that they don't hide plastic eggs. In fact I couldn't find anywhere to buy plastic eggs. They hide chocolate eggs instead and usually do their hunting indoors since the weather is often rainy.

I collected a few plastic eggs from some random toys we the kind you get from kinder egg toys and the vending machine type eggs. I filled those with candy. We had about 5 plastic eggs and the rest were small chocolate ones. Jimmy was so excited to search for eggs. Glade ate each chocolate egg as he found it, wrapper and all. He had to stop and swallow each time his mouth got too full!
So our Easter dinner was interesting! I tried to get a small ham at Albert Heijn and they only had very large ones. So I ventured over to C1000 and there was some mystery meat that claimed to be ham. When I picked it up it was very gooshy and gooey. Don't know what it was! So no Easter ham for us, but the scalloped potatoes with ham cubes and the fresh pineapple were yummy. Jarom claims that you don't eat ham for Easter anyway. He said Thanksgiving is turkey, Christmas is ham and Easter is whatever you want. Hmm, not what I thought! What do you think?
Look at those brown eyes! Today we will finally dye the eggs I boiled last Friday. Happy Easter's still Easter here in Holland. Today is Second Easter day so most everywhere is closed and Jarom has off work. Gotta love those extra days off in Holland!


mikensi.jimmy said...

people in Holland know how to party! Second Easter Day?! very nice!

Vanessa said...

How cute! I love how much fun little kids have with each holiday tradition. We had a pot roast for Easter Sunday dinner, so I guess anything goes. :)

Rachel said...

We had turkey for Thanksgiving and ham for both Christmas and Easter.