Thursday, April 09, 2009

Jimmy Deprived

Jimmy's cute face hasn't been on my blog for the past 5 posts. I will make up for it in this post! Last week we had some very nice days. The weather was gorgeous. Sadly this week has been rainy again. Last week we enjoyed playing at a few different local parks.

We also walked to the Mall. It's only a 25 minute walk...not so bad. The Toys 'R Us has been completely remodeled and the boys had a blast in there. They now have a huge play area. Oh, and you should be proud to hear that while in Toys 'R Us a young boy asked me two questions in Dutch and I understood him and answered back in Dutch! Impressive huh? I ignored the fact that a lady asked me something five minutes before and I had no clue what she was talking about..."Sorry? Pardon?"

Glade thought it would be a good idea to use his cookie as a shovel. Jimmy found a few soda cans that some teenage boys left at the park. He thought it was so cool to pick them up and find the trash can to throw them away. Every time he sees a can on the ground now he wants to find a trash can to put it in.

And just a warning for you grandparents...Jimmy has grown up. He no longer uses sippy cups, the diapers are long gone, he pours his own drinks (sometimes even successfully), he makes his own bed, he goes to the "big kid" church class, he makes his own sandwiches and even eats his cereal with milk (huge step, I know). Don't worry though, he still is just as silly, ticklish, and picky as he's always been!

When we got back from the park and emptied our shoes of all the sand, the boys were a big help cleaning up. Jimmy did the dishes for me...

...and Glade mopped my floor. What exceptional helpers I have!

On Saturday the little boys enjoyed helping Jarom mow the lawn and trim the bushes. Our lawn mower is very cute and tiny and it's electric so we had to run an extension cord into the house. While the boys worked, I stayed inside and studied Dutch. It's coming along. I'm excited about learning it so I'm trying to study as much as I can while I'm excited! It's funny some of the strange things I can say when I don't even know many of the basics. For example, I can tell you that my friend's gynaecologist examined her uterus but when the store clerk asked me if I wanted a bag I was completely lost! It was quite a simple question, "Wil je een tas?" I'll be prepared next time. "Ja, graag!"


mikensi.jimmy said...

i love Jimmy's little stuffed animal! you sure have cute kids, btw!

Rob and Jill said...

Goed zo! I can't believe how big your boys have gotten. They are so cute.
How many weeks until your visit to Amerika? Tot ziens.

chira said...

HAHAHA So funny about the Dutch phrases!! I love that you're so excited to learn the language! I can't believe how big Jimmy is...when did you potty train him??!! lol and his hair is so dark, too cute, Er--too cute!!