Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Tarragona was by far my favorite of the three cities we visited in Spain. It was just so gorgeous and had incredible views, very friendly people, ancient Roman ruins (it's built on ruins), and has that small town feel with cute old people that gather on the park benches all day to chat. I fell in love with this place.

Jarom served his mission in Spain, btw, and he was in Tarragona for 6 months. We met up with the sweetest elderly couple that Jarom converted. Sadly they are not active any more. I adored our visit with them even though it was all in Spanish and my Spanish skills are limited to "Hola, Adios, Gracias." Thankfully Jarom speaks very well...even better than I thought he could.

Here was Glade's favorite part...the park! The parks in Spain are mainly dirt. You're generally not supposed to walk on the grass.
Getting frisky with the statue...I couldn't resist...sorry!

Okay, so here's the full statue of the human pyramid. You can see live human pyramids in mid-August. Usually a child is at the top of the pyramid and often they start moving down the street!
The Cathedral of was absolutely gorgeous. We spent quite a bit of time in here. They still hold worship services there and we saw many people lighting candles and heard chanting. The architecture was stunning.

You can see ancient Roman amphitheatre ruins off to my left.

Glade was a major stinker in this museum! Oh and do you wonder why you haven't seen any pics of the Jimmers? He got left home! Don't feel bad...I know he had much more fun with the American family of 6 than he would've in all those museums and cathedrals.

A little doll artifact.

Another little doll.
I found these bones to be very cool. Glade was less than amused.

Next on the was busier, louder, and more exciting.


Kenna said...

That does look beautiful! That first picture is amazing.

ellebelle said...

ditto. :)