Thursday, October 15, 2009

Difference #4

I forgot I started doing these a few months ago. Here's another small difference between Holland and Utah...

#4. The Chips

The closest thing they have to BBQ chips here is Paprika flavored. They taste similar to BBQ, but are, in my opinion, not quite as good. Too bad because BBQ chips are my favorite. Paprika seems to be a popular flavor here. They also have Paprika Cheetos, which I think are absolutely disgusting! I have yet to see regular flavored Cheetos.

So if you're coming to visit me any time soon (hint, hint) bring me a bag of BBQ chips! Oh and a few packets of Kool-Aid, some cinnamon bears, a loaf of Granny Smith white bread, a box of Cheez-its, some fruit snacks, and a bag of tootsie rolls! And Jimmy requests Kraft Mac 'N Cheese and fishy crackers! It's really not fair that many of my cravings are things not available here. I swear that's why I am craving them...because I know I can't have them!

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TheNuttalls said...

You might not know me but I am part of the utah kids cleft group and I love your blog. You should see if they have a military comissary near by because they have american foods and maybe they would have some of these.

Hope that helps.


Rob and Jill said...

I've never tried the paprika chips- sounds weird. I miss the bakkerij and the vla (have you tried it yet). I did start to like their black licorice, just not the salty kind. Oh... and the chocolate!
Your kids are getting so big! They are adorable.

Liz said...

I've been reading your "differences". This one I found really funny. I think I have your address from our Christmas card list. I'll have to send you some bbq chips. With Scott deploying so much, I have the international mail thing down pat!

btw- they're my favorite kind of chips too. My favorite brand of BBQ chips you can't get here in FL- so I can relate. :o) sorta.