Wednesday, September 15, 2010


We rented two cars for the weekend and drove to Belgium together. We started out in Brugge. As you can see, it's gorgeous.

Everyone with their maps and cameras trying to figure out where to go and what to do! Sadly somehow all my pictures from this trip have disappeared. Thankfully there were many cameras there so I have snagged pictures from my sisters (without their permission of course!).

It was SO fun to be together again. You know all 4 of us used to share a room? Great memories.

I love Lara's face in this one...haha!

A very healthy and delicious meal (not and not).

Glade kept on the look-out for...birds?

Wow, he's adorable. :)

Jarom and I called it quits a little early and headed to the hotel with the kiddos. My parents and sisters stayed out later at night and got some cool night shots.

Here's our hotel (and the lovely Renae).

Myra and Jimmy at the chocolate museum. We also took the kids to a french fry museum. Now those are my type of museums!

And Lara got a new boyfriend out of the trip...lucky Lara!

On the way home from Brugge we stopped in Ghent to see this amazing castle.

It was really anything you'd imagine seeing in an old castle...

...strong warriors...

...torture devices and a guillotine...

...and ancient crapper (in use none the less)...

Yep, it was pretty cool!

And here's the whole gang!

Belgium Waffles anyone?!?


the speers said...

You're KILLING me with your posts! Can you come do mine?! a--Lara's boyfriend is awesome..., b--Shelley in the lue is awesome, c--your hotel is awesome, d--Belgium is awesome--pretty sure I ate so much chocolate when I was there!; e--the picture of your parents is awesome, it's so pretty!--F! You're awesome! Such a pretty place...I still can't believe you live crazy! :D loves!

Rob and Jill said...

Brugge is one of my favorite places! Your pictures are so awesome. What a fun times with your family... such great memories. I wish I could come visit you!
I've got a picture of me sitting on the same crapper in the castle in Gent. What an amazing place!

Moments by Murray said...

Your first picture looks like a post card! How beautiful!!

~ Vanessa