Thursday, September 16, 2010

Around Town

My Dad and Lara were able to stay for 10 days and then had to go back to the US for work and school. My Mom and Renae were able to stay for one month! So here are a few of the things we did in those last few weeks (which seemed like only days).
Went to see the windmills (kinderdijk).
Went on several bike rides and found these fun ziplines.

It was nice and warm (maybe even too hot) so we played outside a lot.
Set up the pool for the boys.
Mom and Renae even did a fun treasure hunt for the boys...they loved it! It reminded me of when my Grandma Lyn used to do treasure hunts for all the grandkids.
Mostly we just hung out, chatted, laughed like crazy, ate WAY too much chocolate and junk, and stayed up WAY too late eating, watching movies, and playing games.

Obviously the day they left was one of the hardest ever. This picture is just way too sad. Man how I miss my family. I'm SO grateful they could come though.


Moments by Murray said...

I love your photos (espeically the ones in Holland with the wind mills in the back). What a fantastic journey for your young family!

~ Vanessa