Thursday, September 16, 2010

Higley Family in Town

We were so blessed to have so many fun visitors this summer. Jarom's parents also came!
The boys had a blast wrestling with Grandpa!
He even went down the slide with them.
We went to a Delftware factory.
And can I just say that Myra is a perfect little traveler. She is very easy to take places and she gets lots of attention no matter where she goes!
Finding toys and pens in Grandpa's pocket is one of the favorite activities of all the grandbabies. My boys used to love it too.
Sleeping on the train with Grandpa.
We had a chance to buy some weed in Amsterdam. I told Grandma she should buy the grandkids weed lollipops to take back...they were selling them for one euro!
Went to Kinderdijk again and this is the only picture I got before my camera died (not that I need more pictures of windmills anyway).
Haarlem, Netherlands
So are you sick of my vacation posts yet??? Let's see, I have 4 more left!


Megan and Sean said...

Not sure if I posted a comment already but wanted to make sure you knew I'M not sick of your vacaciton pictures! There great! Cute, cute kids! And sisters, your all so darn pretty!!!