Thursday, December 09, 2010

Birthday Catch-up...Jimmy

Now it's Jimmy's turn! Jimmy turned 5 in November and we got to celebrate it for 3 days! Saturday was his party with his friends, Sunday he opened family gifts, and Monday he took treats to his school class.

Jimmy said he wanted a Lego party so I searched the internet for ideas. I was quite surprised how many cute ideas there were. The cake was simple yet when I asked Jimmy if it looked like a Lego he said, "Um, kind of." haha, well, I'm no cake decorator so that worked for me.

I printed mini Lego coloring books. Link here.

Also printed the Lego man boxes and filled them with candy for the kids. Link here.

The Lego trucks were one of the prizes from the games we played. Idea here.

The kids colored these characters and I had hole punched the bottoms of them so we could stick a Lego on each side and they would stand up. Idea from here.

We didn't get any pictures of the kids playing the games because our hands were too busy to snap pictures! I had hid a bunch of duplo Legos around the room and the kids searched for them and saw who could find the most. Also we did a "Lego drop" where the child stood on a chair and there was a jar on the ground where they tried to drop the Legos into it...the kids really liked this one.

Opening gifts got a little crazy. All ten kids crowded around Jimmy and were yelling in Dutch and shoving presents in his face! All of his presents were Legos except one (a puzzle). He was of course absolutely thrilled about this!

Then time to sing "Lang zal ze leven, lang zal ze leven ... Hieperdepiep, Hoera!!!"
Only two kids wanted cake and ice cream. The others all wanted to play instead. So they all ran off to destroy the house and over time a few came back downstairs and ate some cake! They had a great time.
Building with the new Legos
We had kids turned into superheroes and kids "fixing" my walls with the toy hammers! And of course every toy had to be out of the bucket/basket. :)

I had many party games planned and we played a few but the kids didn't want to play any of my games any more. They preferred to run around. Then they decided to go outside and see if they could fit all 10 of them on the playhut at the same time! Only one child cried in the process...success.
And they all went home with nice filthy hands. I'm sure their parents loved me for that! But they really did have a great time!

Then Sinterklaas came to Hesseplaats (our local shopping area) so the boys and I headed there to see him and the Zwarte Pieten. The boys were sad they didn't get to get close to him. It's not like in the US where you get to sit on Santa's lap and tell him what you want.
On Sunday Jimmy opened the gifts from family.
Glade was sad because Jimmy was getting all these presents and Jimmy so sweetly handed one of the boxes of Legos to Glade and said, "Here Glade, this one is for you!" Awww, one of those moments as a parent where you feel you must be doing something right! Either that or the kid just got too many birthday gifts...we'll go with the former. ;)

And finally on Monday Jimmy got to take a snack to his classmates. Some people go all out on the "traktaties" but this year I didn't. I was worn out from the party so we just made apple cinnamon muffins and called it good!
And here he is Monday after school. Tired, you think?! :) What a fun weekend we had with our Jimmy. He is such a kind and generous boy.
We love him a lot.
Happy Birthday Jimmers!


Kristal said...

You are a brave soul with that many crazy, little kids in your house:) I feel for you! Looks like everyone had a good time though.

Kristal said...

Oh, yeah...Happy birthday, Jimmy!

Mary said...

Oh how cute! Two big birthdays! I'll bet they were exhausting! But fun, I'm sure. :) Jimmy looks an awful lot like his mother! How cute to see the resemblance. You have adorable kiddos.